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Vision Field

by Justin Potts on January 24, 2014

I’d like to share with you the vision field of your DIVE-IN Success Formula ™.

Vision Field is a big concept and one of the larger steps to the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™.  One of the largest things that is lacking in life is a vision for what people want to experience, do, have, see, and grow into.  You can have a vision for your personal life and you can have a vision for your business life as well.

I always had a big vision for myself. I never thought small, never thought tiny. I always was casting this huge vision net, what we call the vision field. And in this vision field, there’s many key components that have to be in place, or at least I feel have to be in place for you to be able to start taking those necessary steps for future transformation.

I always like to start people off by asking them what niche they are going after.  Who is the target market person that you want to attract.  A lot of people call this the ideal avatar.  These three words, the niche, target market and avatar, are extremely important as you must define the person that needs your service or products.  Once this is defined and answered, it allows you to start focusing on the other areas of your business.

When you can define your niche, and zero in on exactly what and who you want to target with your business, it’s going to be a lot easier than the big wide open spread of every individual that you want to try to cover. And as they say, when you focus in and hone in on one niche group of people and business, then all of the other people around start coming.

You also want to cast your vision and have a vision for your company.  The vision is that broad idea of what you want to accomplish in the world, and your area of expertise. And to support that vision, you have to have your mission. This mission is what is your driving factor for you being in business. And the notion is, like I said, to support the under-leggings of your vision that go on in your business.

And it’s a good idea to have a purpose. So what is your purpose. Why are you doing what you’re doing. Usually there is a purpose or need that drives someone, and that defines your purpose.

You want to have goals and these goals we will talk about in the next blog that I release.  But these goals are going to drive you towards accomplishment so make sure you have defined goals, and like I said, we will cover the goals in the next post.

Having a core set of values and beliefs is very important as you see so many companies doing so many wrong things because they never build on a core belief or a core set of values.

Make sure that you have your affirmation for your business. Exactly what you’re going to accomplish today, what you’re going to accomplish every day and what you have in mind for your future to look like.

Also have your affirmation for yourself. This affirmation is going to help instill that belief in you, that everything you want to achieve, can be achievable, and can be accomplished.

Have your intention, and we’re going to talk about intention in another post. Intention is very important.

Think Big!  Thinking big and having the largest outcome for yourself and business is vital.  You will hear some people mention that you can not “think and grow rich”.  This may be true; however, I believe there is a strong correlation between thinking big and growing big.  I believe there is a strong correlation of making sure the world knows your dreams and goals and obtaining those dreams and goals.

What you think big about will become your reality with some Execution which I will discuss on the coming blog.

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