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Our goal is for you to believe in yourself and know that In You Everything Exists™.

My first daughter nearly died one night as she was sleeping when we were on a family getaway with my entire family. We treated my parents and my sister’s family, so as you can imagine it was quite the scare for all of us.  As she was sleeping we heard nothing but sweet whisper of her lips blowing in and out her midnight air.  Everything seemed so peaceful and after a wonderful day out on the Florida Everglades air boat, we decided to lay our head on the pillow as well.

It was around 2:30am as we were startled awake with a rattling, raspy and wheezing cough. We had no idea what was going on. My daughter woke us up as she was having trouble breathing and gasping for air and her lips were turning blue. Her airway was closing and it was closing fast! We were nearly two hours away from a hospital and the only thing we had that we believed could help her was our supplement product that I developed while in private practice.

With much prayer and applying our product all over her, pouring it all over her chest, her back, on her face, dropping it in her mouth and in her ears; when I say all over, I mean all over. After a scare that woke the entire family up and had everyone frantic wondering if our precious little girl would make it out of her blue lip episode, let alone live, she survived. This was a trying time less than two years after she was born and when she nearly died at birth while she was in the NICU for her first nine days of life. She has a strength that is unbelievable. She never gives up! She knew with all her inner being that In “Her” Everything Exists™.

This is where our slogan that carries through on all our business activities was originated from.

Beautiful New Baby and Mama

In You Everything Exists™

I am married to an amazing wife with two beautiful daughters, all who are my #1 cheerleading squad.

You see, it wasn’t long ago that I was out on an island alone in life, business, marriage, and spirituality. Being on an island is fun; however, it is not fun when your alone.

I was Clinic Director of a practice that more than doubled when I took it over. We grew to be one of the largest solo doctor offices in the East. I had 11 employees and we were steam rolling. I soon after left that practice to pursue my own venture after only 6 months all while having a new baby and dropping our income to ZERO!

I can remember all to well when my wife and myself with our newly born baby pulled into a gas station and could only put $5 dollars on a credit card for gas because my card was maxed out. We had no money! We were jobless and didn’t know if we’d have food the next day.

Not only jobless and without money, we were also the recipients of the State Medicaid program and food stamp program. We were broke!

But, we had a DREAM! We had VISION! We had an END RESULT! We had a HEART! We had DRIVE!

At that moment, broke became the “New Rich”.  We changed our Mindset.  We changed our Belief.  We changed our Philosophy.  We dropped the Medicaid and the food stamp program.  We were choosing to “NO LONGER” live the poverty lifestyle.  We NEVER envisioned ourselves in this position and we were NOT going to allow ourselves to stay there any longer.

I launched my own clinic from scratch – and it took off!

With the enormous success I was having, my CFO had never seen a solo doctor grow a business so fast and do it from scratch and without any employees. From those first two years we were able to continue growing and I started consulting doctors on the side to help them grow and develop their practices in a more profitable and efficient way.

Our little IYEE in the Caribbean with us

It took me several lonely years to find the influential people in my life that could impact me in a grand way. It was almost like when I found my wife,  I knew it when I first met her.  Likewise, my most influential people in my life made such an impact in such a short amount of time that I knew it immediately. I knew these people were either the individual or group of people that I needed to be around and influenced by.

What these people have done for me is nothing short of amazing!  I have taken strategies from every one of my mentors and place it all into my consulting, marketing and media business and now help propel executives, business owners and individuals, by taking their lives, businesses and marriages to the next level.

I currently operate a few entities that support my overall purpose of helping businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs achieve freedom success and financial success:  Dr. Justin Potts Consulting, DIVE-IN Local, IYEE Lifestyle, DIVE-IN Success Training, IYEE Publishing, J.L. Potts Properties, and several Internet properties that support his companies and overall purpose.

Here are some of my mentors of people and organizations like:  Joe Polish, Dean JacksonI Love Marketing, Genius Network, 10xTalk, and Mike Koenigs to name a few, who helped me see the “light” and realize that all possibilities are within “you” and it came full circle to embrace my motto of In You Everything Exists™.

Your brain works in amazing ways.  In You Everything Exists™ and you must retrain your brain to win big. When you’re sick, your body has every ability to heal itself.  Now, the most efficient way for it to heal is to give it an optimal environment to make it happen. Drugs are not the answer! What controls every aspect of your body is your brain.  No different with your mindset. Your life has every ability to be a free, happy, successful, fun, and abundant life; and you must give it the optimal environment to live in as well.  The best way to obtain this is to have a brain that can handle life’s journey.

After working with the brain in clinical practice, I was able to experience every way a brain is used and abused.  I learned the most effective way my mentors exploded their life and business and was able to then connect my clinical practice to business and life success. I began realizing and understanding why people thought what they thought and did what they did.

What that has led to is an overflowing freedom success mindset, business, marriage, and spiritual life.

Where do you want to go in life?  Business?  Freedom?  Success?  You may want to watch this ((link))!