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Intention Game

by Justin Potts on January 29, 2014

The intentional game.  So what is your intention?  Most people have an intention of helping somebody or making money or solving a problem and the most successful always make a game out of it.  Gary Vaynerchuk was talking about his aspect of building VaynerMedia.  And VaynerMedia was grown out of Gary wanting to make a game to show people that he could build a business and that he was a true business builder.

And he specifically talked about it was a game to him and in the first book that I co-authored, More Better, I talk about how business in my game.  A lot of people don’t look at business as a game and I have always enjoyed the aspect of starting a business and building it up to become successful and reaching the desired goals.

No different than Michael Jordan and basketball.  You see, Michael Jordan took the court every day, not just to make money, and not just because he loved basketball, but it was his game.  It was his enjoyment and you usually play a game because you want to have fun.  So if you’re going to work and it’s not fun and you’re dreading the day and you’re dreading the drive, and you’re dreading Monday, and you’re super excited for Friday night and Saturday, then your game of business, your game of life, most likely is not fulfilling you.

So you want this intentional game to be exactly that, fulfilling. Every time Michael Jordan stepped on the court, it was fun.  It was his game.  He was in his moment.  It was his life.  And he did it multiple times a week for months on end.

So you want your intentional game to be fun filled.  You want laughter, you want family and you want success rituals.  You want to be able to travel.  You want to be able to set yourself free and if the game that you are so called playing now is not fulfilling you, then that is where the second “I” in the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™, the intention game allows you to see exactly how you can have a fun filled intentional game of life in business.  Know that if you’re stuck where you’re at, it’s okay, because we’re here to help you.

We’re here to show you that in this game of life and business you can work hard and still have fun.

The intention game is meant to serve your family and set you free.  If setting you free is a time freedom, so you don’t have to spend an hour and a half or two hours each day in traffic, then free yourself some time.  If it is a financial freedom to set your finances and your ability to go, do and have in life, then play the intention game and realize that if you’re not playing the game of life and the game of business while having fun – there is another direction to take.

Have some fun and go after your direction in life that you can play to win and play the game of business!

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