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Inspirational Past

by Justin Potts on January 22, 2014

I wanted to talk about an inspirational past. So many people allow the past to negatively define their future and I’ve been through a lot in my past and have always pulled through.

My life has been filled with depression in my past as I remember being curled up in a fetal position laying on my bed.  My parents came to visit me and brought some sample prescription drugs with them for me to try.  Of course, I do not take prescription drugs.  I found a way out and there are three key steps that I take, each and ever time.  I always give thanks to the Lord for all He has done and blessed me with.  I use only 100% natural supplementation.  I change my mindset.

I’ve been through falling down, being pushed down, punched in the face, and being the outcast, the person who is not the jock.  I was not privileged to be the cool and gifted person that everyone loves and looks up to.

A lot of people are looked up to because of the life they are handed.  Some kids drive nice cars because their parents hand them the keys.  Some kids wear nice cloths because their parents are able to afford expensive clots.

I always had nice clots on my back and food on the table; however, I didn’t get anything handed to me and I never was given that golden spoon.

The inspirational past that I want to talk about today, is the “I” in your DIVE-IN Success Formula ™.  The inspirational past has the ability to completely transform your entire life. When you look at your past and you see that there is so much good that you can learn from in a past experience and from all of your past experiences, it doesn’t have to be a negative event.

So when I look back on my past, which you really have to do in order to be able to move forward, you can take your past and make it an inspirational past that becomes a transformational future.  And when you can effectively accept your past and get over your past and allow it to be that inspirational past that it is, the new life that you have waiting for you at the end is that transformational future.

Like I said, there are so many ways that someone can have a negative past completely hold them from the key to their future. And I’ve talked with a lot of people and consulted a lot of people who are burdened by their past and have had problems and people tear them down.

They have had maybe a physical altercation that keeps them from believing in themselves, someone who continuously told them they were ugly or maybe they were always made fun of on the playground.

When you go through the steps to really figure out why that person is locked in the past and not allowing themselves to break through, it always has something to do with the past.  Most of the time they can not even picture of vision the future because the past is so dark and haunted.

When you can turn your inspirational past into something that can transform your future, there is nothing but amazing benefits and blessings ahead. I feel this is an important step that I had to make in my life in order to be able to see that the future is waiting. The future is out there. But the one thing that I had to do was get over everything that was holding me back in the past.  If you have failed relationships, failed friendships, personal failures, business failures, whatever it may be; unlock the chains.  Seek an inspirational person to help unlock the inspirational past.

Unlock your future by allowing your past to be an inspiration. Allow the past to be what holds the keys to your transformational future, and, with that, your past can truly be an inspirational past.

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