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Execute Systems

by Justin Potts on January 27, 2014

In March of 2013 I had the privilege of becoming an Amazon #1 Bestselling Coauthor of the book More Better.  What an honor!  I know that many people can write a book, hire a publisher to get it to print but then what’s next?  Many people end up having lots of book in their garage and nothing to do with them.  It was an amazing experience that I was able to go through with Nick Nanton and his team and I’d like to cover the 4th step in your DIVE-IN Success Formula ™ which I wrote about in the More Better book, that is Execute Systems.

This is very important because there’s so many people that have great ideas but never execute.  Execute systems is definitely an area that a lot of people have some struggles in which is why I wrote about it in my first book and why it is apart of the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™.

So in order to effectively know exactly what you need to do on a daily basis and what you need to accomplish, you must task yourself out.  Many people may consider these goals; however, I like to keep goals and do-able tasks separate.

There are daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, quarterly tasks, yearly tasks, three year tasks, five year tasks, 10 year tasks, and the list could go on.  They’re things that you need to do on a daily basis and even though most tasks are remotely in a time period of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, you will find yourself scheduling a task for an event or happening that is far out.

Then the next step you have to do is you have to plan the tasks.  So a lot of people interchange tasks and plan; however, I feel you have to plan your tasks.  Planning the task and the details may include a 3 step detailed plan or maybe a 10 step detail plan.  You might even have a task that required a 20 step detail plan.  So if you have a task to write a blog today and you have a specific topic that you want to write on, now you have to plan exactly what that blog is going to be and all the pieces of the blog your going to talk about.  So the plan is the detail of that individual task.  This gets down to the step by step nitty gritty action that has to be done.

Next is the DO!  This is also called the action step according to many individuals; however, I believe there is more to it than action.  You see, I am taking action by writing down the tasks and detailing the tasks out with my plan.  Now I have to perform and DO the plan for each task.  Action is being taken every step which is why I call it the DO phase.

The next thing that you want to do in your execution system is you want to revisit your list of tasks and plans.  So if you have a task that takes some time and there’s many steps to it, you want to revisit and make sure that you are staying on track and keeping in line with the plan.  You want a proper step by step process for the DO and it is important to keep coming back to revisit the process.

The last part of the Execute System within the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™ is the Prove You to You.  Joe Polish always said there is a better your best contest in every business.  Not a contest against other businesses, but against yourself.  In Joe’s mastermind he always had a yearly event where people would draw up a way to better their best from the previous year.  This had nothing to do with knowing what other company’s were doing or how they were doing, this was strictly looking back on your own performance and numbers while 10x’ing that performance with a new and higher performance goal.  So prove yourself to you, give yourself a reward, have a time table for your tasks and show yourself that you can get things accomplished and get them done.

When setting your tasks and plan, make sure that you put the time table down on when you want to finish each task and as mentioned above, reward yourself for the accomplishment.  If you fail to get something finished, have a system set up that keeps track and forces you to work harder to accomplish your next task including what was not finished on time.

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