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by Justin Potts on January 20, 2014

As this website and venture has been unfolding and progressing along in an exciting and honoring way, I wanted to bring you some of the best value that I have to help propel your life, business and day.  My desire for you is for you to find a new reality in life and a new direction in life.  So many people are stuck, afraid, broke, and scared, to take a new direction and do something great, different or unconventional.  I hope that this blog, these posts, and maybe some of the content I share has the power and ability to help you break through the conundrum of life, business and financials.

I found myself many days, months and even years just wondering through life.  As I look back at my many years in school (even back in high school), I felt like I was just wondering.  No clear path.  No clear mission.  No clear idea of what I want my life to be like.  It took me a very lon time to realize where and how I wanted my life to be.  This is hard for me to accept these days.  We are always told that we are given so much opportunity in school and we have so much at our fingertips.  This was not the case for myself.  When I graduated high school, I didn’t even have one college credit to my name.  They said I was going to be a trash truck driver.  They said the next stop for you is college and then a J.O.B.  Not really the most ideal and acceptable path I had previously had in mind for myself.

Most people squash dreams of others.  Most individuals never encourage kids to DREAM BIG and imagine whatever you can imagine.  I never had the encouragement from the “outside” to push me to dream and dream big.  No one ever told me that my dreams can become reality.  When I did dream, I was always told that I was a big dreamer and that I needed to think in grounded terms.

What drove me to publish and create the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™ was the undeniable truth that I always had BIG DREAMS and I was never going to let them go.  How many people, maybe yourself, have you heard say or tell a big dream they had or have and it never is acted upon?  You are not alone!  This is why the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™ is such a vital part of life, business and success.  It gives people the opportunity to truly DIVE-IN ™ and take a look at “Why” they are in the position or place they are, “Why” they want to be in a transformed position, “What” went missing in their life, “How” to effectively start taking the steps needed to fulfill your needs in your life.

DREAM-SCAPE ™ is the “D” in the DIVE-IN Success Formula.  So, as I look back on my life, I had many dreams.  Many dreams that most people would never, ever begin to think about, to even conceive as a young kid.  When I was young, I was thinking about things that most individuals didn’t realize that a young kid could think about: owning an airline company, owning a big ranch, owning a farm, having my own plane, having a specific type of house, wanting a specific type of car, wanting a specific truck, having an ideal family in mind, just to name a few.  It seems as if most people do not dream, and if they do, they don’t dream big enough.  So Dreamscape ™ is essentially meant for you to go back through your entire life and figure out exactly the dreams you had when you were a kid.  So, it’s not necessarily just to dream forward from this point right now, but it’s to go back in time.

One of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself is to fulfill a dream that you had as a child.  I have been able to fulfill nearly all of my dreams as a child it is unbelievable to begin to fathom the excitement that I have when a specific dream has been fulfilled.  For instance, I had a very specific type of house that I always wanted.   That exact house is one that is completely brick and has an in-ground pool, nestled up next to the woods or near the mountains, and that had wild animals, such as deer and turkey, that we could watch from the windows.  As this journey progressed, many moons, many years beyond when that dream was conceived in my head when I was a young boy, I now have that house.  Thanks to our good Lord for blessings us, but the dream that He put in my head many years ago has now come true.  I did not let fo of that dream!  Don’t let go of your dreams.  That’s just one of many, many dreams that I wanted as a kid as we like to dream, but so many people squash a child’s dream.  And so many people put down a child’s dream.  One thing that if I can encourage anyone is to not squash a big dream.  When someone dreams, always tell them that they can do it, they can achieve it, and that they can have it.  Success can come just by one tiny little dream that a kid has when their young.  It is up to us to leave a positive influence on our youth so they can believe that anything is possible.  So, Dreamscape ™!  Go back all the way to when you were a little kid, remember all the dreams that you had, all the things that you wanted to do, and write them down.  Next, start from the point where you are now, and start dreaming forward and let that end result be that reality!  Those dreams that you had as a kid, a few years ago, maybe even yesterday, can come true.  They can be your reality!  Start your Dreamscape ™!  This is the Dreamscape ™ for the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™.  Grab the DIVE-IN Success Formula ™ Workbook (((here))).

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